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Christine DeLeon: SONG CLIPS & LYRICS

The Dunes of Brigantine

(Christine DeLeon)
(Brigantine is a lovely and peaceful island just north of busy and crowded Atlantic City. I "happen-landed" there once while I was looking for someplace nice to spend a warm late summer day. I later found out that the very day I had been there was the 400th anniversary of its discovery by Henry Hudson.)
The winds that have blown past the shipwrecking schoals
Made the dunes of Brigantine
I'll say what I know of this island so old
The dunes of Brigantine
Oh her beauty is as it was 400 years ago
When she first was seen
And the Dutchman declared this island so fair
The dunes of Brigantine

Oh the wind and the waves are both splashing my face
As the sun moves along to the West from the East
Over tall grass majestically guarding the beach
On the dunes of Brigantine

The story is told of a chest filled with gold
In the dunes of Brigantine
Someday I will reach that treasure beneath
The dunes of Brigantine
Then send word straight away to the mighty fine fellow
Who sails upon the sea
And buy for my love the boat that will come
To the dunes of Brigantine

For every hour I spend near the sea I wish for a hundred more
And for Brigantine days to number the same
As the grains of sand on her shore