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Christine DeLeon: SONG CLIPS & LYRICS

This Room

(Christine DeLeon)
(I've had more than my fair share of moves in my lifetime. This song is about the opposite of ever having to unearth your existence and bring it somewhere else. I know a few people who have lived in the same home all their lives. At some point, I felt I envied them enough to write a song about it.)
In this room is where my mother laid me in my crib
When I thought the world was all within these walls and even that was big
With my tiny eyes I looked around at all there was to see
Knowing nothing of the world outside these walls that sheltered me

For the times that are to come - from the times that were
This room has bound the past together with the future

In this room I discovered there were things I didn't know
How to write my letters, tie my shoes and where the puzzle pieces go
I read all my books and heard what all the grownups had to say
When I came back to this room I'd know a little more each day

And I remember love was something that I'd learn to do
But I may have to wait until I'd grown up in this room
I would laugh, I would cry
I would understand after many years of asking why

In this room is where we talked of how we thought our life would be
Some of that came true and some turned out a little differently
In the corner of this room is where we shared our first embrace
Now there stands a crib and baby sleeping in that same place