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Christine DeLeon: SONG CLIPS & LYRICS

There's More To Me

(Christine DeLeon)
September 21, 2012
This song really belongs on the CD project I've planned for the future with all silly, comical and less serious songs. But since the entire design of "More" was based on this song, not including it that would have been have been something of a tragedy.

On the cover of the CD you can see the shoes and me holding a picture of myself. This is my invitation to everyone to look behind what they can see on the surface to discover other parts of me. By recording this song, I promise to do the same for you!

Cheryl Prashker did marvelous work on this and a few other tracks on the record. Her wonderful intuition and quick study make percussion day in the studio one of the most fun during the whole project. She seemd to really understand everything I was hoping for without my having to say much at all.
I am mostly casual - I don't have a fashion sense
I'm so predictable in style
One day I put on fancy shoes of a slightly louder theme
With seven buckles up each side
My friends did not know what to say
They wondered why I dressed myself that way - I say

There's more to me than meets the eye
And I challenge you to find it
Although the picture seems complete
There is so much more behind it
I'd never mean to lie to you
Or pruposely deceive
But there is so much more to me

I'm a burly strapping guy
I eat beef jerkey by the pound
And pick my teeth with rusty screws
I haven't cleaned my fingernails in years
Wax is leaking from my ears
And I'm covered in tatoos
But on the weekends guess where I will be
With my wife and children at the symphony - that's me

What do we know about the strangers that we meet
The high pressure salesman who accosts us on the street
The bosses who are on our backs - the people who collect our tax
Might have a bigger story to tell
Just when we think we understand them
They can throw us a surprise
And we can find we didn't know them very well