From the recording Bringing Me Home

Even since 2004 when I sterted seriously writing folk songs, I've felt that I should have at least one song about a train. For the angle, I just cashed in on the fact that I knew nothing about them.

Jeff is one of the most talented musicians I know. His banjo is very sweet and peppy here and he gave the song the "old timey" feel that I was looking for.


If you ask me I won't know the roads to take
But I'm sure the engineer will show the way
What I know is where it ends
This train ticket is my new best friend
I've got a date to keep with my front door
That's just been waiting far too many days

I don't know what makes this train go
But I know that it's bringing me home

Highways made of steel rails and wood ties
Stretching out in perfect paralleliing lines
Miles of gravel for a bed
They reach horizons far ahead
My destinaton is somewhere
Between this rail car and thos far away blue skies

Right on time and everyone aboard
Memories in the overhead are stored
It's better than a crowded bus
Is that Clark Kent running along side of us
The ride on this train offers so much more

Oh she's a well maintained and beautiful machine
Her grandfather ran on fire coal and steam
Now metal gears are spinning 'round
And levers are hammering up and down
But no matter how she runs
The most important thing is where she's taking me