1. Birthday

From the recording Birthday

(Inspired by reflecting on a big change in my life in the context of a close family member's birthday celebration.)


We came far for what we’ve known
From within a rocky gallery of stories
We’ve made history of our own
We measure time with loud alarms
Bold type numbers inside paper boxes
Silver links around our arms
For all the madness of our ways
No matter how we love and hate them
We must yield to celebrate them
On a birthday

Understanding all we’ve found
Won’t come as fast as counting all the snowflakes
Fallen on a winter ground
We can feel how we are fine
But we cannot try to answer questions
Looking at a sign that flickers
WALK but then DON'T WALK away
I hate to be all “Where’s this going”
But we may just find it snowing
On your birthday

This mysterious universe
My not hold as many secrets
As decisions we have made and then reversed
We have found our borrowed bliss
And we know the One who claims it loves us
So for this we laugh
At all the madness of our ways
And we choose the ups and downs
As well as joy we wrap around us
On our birthdays
Happy Birthday