1. Green

From the recording Green

(A glimpse into the all too occasional insurity through the eyes of someone who is fighting falling in love. How silly. I was a lot younger when I wrote this.)


I don’t know if I can do this but I will
Outstretched uneven hands make it darker earlier still
There’s nothing that can talk me out of this
Not even one who has been here - done this

I’d like to think that there’s nothing wrong
The bell tolls loud and so clear but the music carries on
Stretching out the moment until it breaks
Leaving all of nothing for the time that it takes

So hurry - catch it all before it’s gone
And worry it will never last for long

Love must be more than painting colors on a heart
Something I should have learned like the alphabet
Can anything dispel the secrecy
Or all the pretty color may be wasted on me

Sleep escaping from my mind
A pleasing disturbance playing havoc with my heart
I cannot turn back time to see the light
But maybe in this future we can make this so right

So who said catch it all before it’s gone
And who said it will never last for long

There could be most any picture scene
Today I can’t see anything but green