1. I Will Be Here

From the recording I Will Be Here

(It's not too often when someone is able to break your heart in a way that still makes you feel loved.)


You’ve pushed your meal around enough
You can just tell me what I’ve known for a month
What holds you back is it not the time
I can always wait until you’re ready to try

What made you think that I would leave
You must have faith enough in me to believe
Just tell the truth I will be fair
No matter what you tell me I’m not going anywhere

Sleep - I will be here when you wake my friend
Fill your mind with peace and your soul with what I’ve said
I cannot love you the way you love me
But I will be here when you wake from your sleep

Our hearts are but a picture of our lives
The love we have to give can be impossible to hide
I know your pain I wish I could heal
I am flattered that you've chosen me to feel what you feel

Uplifted by the wonder of surprise
Can we let go and trust our faith to guide our lives
So much around to lead you astray
While you're fighting with that dragon you must know that I will stay
And you can sleep

Put your heart at ease - I can guaranty
That I will be here when you wake from your sleep