1. New Days

From the recording New Days

(Making decisions and moving forward can be intimidating, but at the same time it can exciting and thrilling.)


We haven’t wasted much time with all the common strategic defense
Leaving the old days behind driven by strength that has never made sense
Like the tugboat that’s pulled by the barge
Our beneficent leader whose kindness won’t let him take charge

Rising up early today filling the silence with new souvenirs
I can’t help but measure and weigh
Just how close I have held you these years
Apprehension both famished and fed
All the pros and the cons that come with me if I move ahead

I will give you back to the world
When I am certain I’m doing the best thing for all
I will try not to need to look back
Knowing the mission you’ve chosen will not let you fall
With all that we’ve done we have not begun
To embrace all the new days to come

Merciful showering down only a miracle could have foreseen us
I sought and I found help from the daily nine minutes between us
All too often the tenth won’t arrive
And you know that it’s wrong but it’s not up to you to make right

See this challenge from my point of view
Lifting up my hands calling the Name that called mine before you