1. Numbers

From the recording Numbers

(A really bad day brought forth a personally cherished song.)


I’ve never wanted it all – I have very simple standards
I have rules and I follow them to the letter
And how I’ve answered my call there are NINE good years behind me
And I tried though some will say I could have done better
But I have something they cannot take from me
Where most people wish for ONE true love
I have ONE … TWO … THREE

On your crusading campaign armed with secrets that you’ve stolen
They don’t mend a SEVEN year division
What are you expecting to gain now that you’ve fed yourself to hatred
Don’t pretend that it’s to serve a better religion
That would be impossible to believe
If you spend your life seeking ONE bright light
I see ONE … TWO … THREE …

FOUR? I’ve only seen him only ONCE or TWICE
I didn’t really like him
I’d like to spend my days and nights finding him some peace
If you spend your life seeking ONE great gift
I have ONE … TWO … THREE … FOUR …

FIVE beautiful days within the embrace of a January hiding
We built strength on what may now be never granted
I wasn’t ready to face all this emptiness
And so I have to leave you now to drown in what you’ve planted
Don’t revel in this ONE small victory
For you have spent your life seeking ONE true love
And I’ve found ONE … TWO … THREE