1. Your Prophet

From the recording Your Prophet

(This song is about a lot of things, but mostly it's about the addage "be careful what you wish for.")


It is your prophet that calls your name
I’ve seen more of your shadows than I care to lay claim
I have my reasons, I will not be talked down
By an oracle of love or loss in this marshal law town
We have left every place that has welcomed our trust
So I want to know now what about us

By the greed of the dark and the light of the flame
We will lean on the message that our prophet proclaims
I refuse to believe it was not for us to find
I say love is your prophet and mine

The big progression that I have earned
Masquerading as better but I’d like to return
Before my triumph and back to when you had
An encouraging answer to all I feared good and bad
While I know we are favored under marvelous care
That prophetic side of me would go back there

My plan stopped short of its evolution
Don’t make yourself too comfortable our job is not done
Our love is one step short of a revolution
The prophesy will bind us the courage will find us
On our bare feet of justice we will walk every day
The broken glass of hate cannot scare us away