1. I Think of You

From the recording I Think of You

I wrote this for my husband when I was at a weekend music festival and he couldn't be there with me.


When I first see the morning light
As the day goes by and by
When I go to sleep at night

When I'm riding to my work
Picking up my dry cleaned shirts
When my old heartache doesn't hurt

No matter what I do
Either old or new
I think of you

When I let a candle burn
Watch the hands of a clock turn
When I teach or when I learn

When the show is at the fair
When I know who what when and where
Or when I don't but I don't care

Are you centering a locomotive in a photograph
Or picking up some things for sharing with your other half
Are you strumming your guitar
Or working past the setting sun
Are you sleeping in the armchair
While the ball game plays to no one

When I board the evening train
When i run through pouring rain
Or recall the day I took your name

We're apart for this short time
It's comforting to know that I'm
Most definitely on your mind

This whole day just came and went
I though of all the time we've spent
Tomorrow I do it all again