From the recording Let The Rain Fall

I struggled with the decision to record this song because of all the folks I personally know who have had some trouble with the damage too much rain can do. But, then I also thought of all those people whose livelihood depends on it and thought I should record it for them.

This is one of the most harmony intensive songs on the record where I was glad for all that boring music theory training. Mike's whistling was a lot of fun in the studio. He wanted that "Andy Griffith" sound (RIP).


You and me are going outside today
And we'll dance to the music of the falling rain
The sky is pounding out a thunder beat
While the rain drop serenade is sweet
Let the rain fall

Rising up from the oceans then
It returns to the earth and begins again
Everything is washed fresh and clean
It's a lifesize watercolor tapestry
Let the rain fall

Singing in the rain at the movie show
And we get rain checks for places we can't go
We wear rain coats hats and boots
And it's the subject of about a half a billion tunes
Let the rain fall

Whoever wants the rain to never fall from the sky
Has never heard the hard working farmer's cry
So let the showers come and water the thirsty land
And in time ths storm will come to pass

And then when our dancing steps are done
Cuz our time in the rain meets the shining sun
Everyone behind me on the road should know
When the sun comes out I brake for rainbows
Let the rain fall