From the recording Listening Carefully

I started writing this song while sitting under an 80 foot cupola in my church. As the song was built, the concept of the value of being a good listener spread to other important facets of my life.

A string quartet on a folk CD? Who does that!!?? This was a gift for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Mike sure knows his audience.


There you are listening so well
You can see and hear me through your smoke and bells
Big wood doors let the people though
And the marble pillars reaching up to you
I am just one voice in an echoing sound
Cuz your cupola is bigger than my whole house but

I know you hear me
I know you're listening carefully
I know you hear me

Listening carefully as you do
Every part of me talks to you
You were you and I was me
Long time ago before we were we
When I found you what a surprise it was
Life's a tasty tune
And I'm loving it because

There you are listening so well
Over and over repeating myself
Sure fire way to get the message through
Is to sing a song that I can sing with you
Sometimes the very best songs around
Are the ones you don't have to think too much about