1. Morning Hours

From the recording Morning Hours

I'm not a really big morning person. But the first conversation I had with my friend, Amy, who loves the morning, brought to life beautiful images of that time of day. I thank her for the song.


There are some people choose to be firm followers of nightlife philosophy
When everything happens after night time falls
Then they greet their days when the sun is high and its shadows are small

But I know a better time if day
When new light will wash the black in the sky away
I welcome the moment when I lift up my eyes
Like I'm opening a treasure chest with the day break inside
Of all the joy the day will bring
There's nothing quite like its beginning

In the morning hours when the day begins
And the first sunlight brightens the skies
In the morning hours when the world awakes
I'll be here to see it rise

As we go running here and there
We move through our business
Seldom with time to spare
How very quickly we can fill up our days
And we often seek a more peaceful time
And a quieter place
If you need tranquility
You can find it when it's early

I greet my neighbors
As they wave to me through the morning fog
I breathe in deep
The cool clean air along my daily jog
We're such good friends the dawn and I
If I could just keep running with my back to the sunrise
It would be morning all the time

I know some people will choose to be
Stern followers of night life philosophy
But when someone asks them how was your day
If they've only lived but half of it
Then what is there to say
Of all the joy that day will bring
There's nothing quite like its beginning