From the recording My Father's Garden

I've got a really good friend who has been steadfast in maintaining the garden his dad started. This song is for him.

Diane Perry did a fabulous job bringing this song to life in the studio. Her violin work added colors to the song that even I never imagined.


Wearing our finest Sunday best
We spent the morning laying dad to rest
All of us came from far and near
To celebrate his life we've gathered here
To his honor and the stories of the past
Now we stand among the flowers and raise a glass

Anyone who would speak of him
Knows this garden is where he'd always been
Hardly a day the whole year 'round
He wasn't here to tend this fertile ground
So his family and each one of his friends
Has a memory living in my father's garden

Tall enough just in mother's arms
I could watch him where these flowers are
Standing above the window sil
I could see him in this garden still
It was his way of making us a happy home
With a lovely share of nature for our own

But when I left to forge my way
I would then look forward to the days
When he and I walked the morning mist
Touring all the flower growth I had missed
What a special place and I remember when
Every time I came home to my father's garden

Looking back on what life did bring
I am thankful for so many things
Loving of family I have known
And the rain that made this garden grow
For the flowers waving to me in the wind
And the sun that shines upon my father's garden
Cuz in a way this place is where he lives again
In the lasting beauty of my father's garden