From the recording Quarter Past July

There are all kinds of reasons to be sad about the years going by ... unless you know how to enjoy them while they're here.

This is one of the first songs I recorded in the project back in January 2012. There is a picture on the PHOTOS page of me playing guitar - this is the song I was playing. Notice the "Christmas lights" in the shot!


Christmas lights still up and blinking
The champagne is poured and glasses clinking
We raise a toast and welcome the new year
We talk about our resolutions
Problems met with planned solutions
Eventually we'll talk again about them when we come back here

Ain't if very strange - the seasons change
And time quickly flies
Before you know it's a quarter past July

The snow outside is piling higher
We warm ourselves beside the fire
Springtime seems so very far away
But time will bring a change of season
We'll light the fire for a different reason
And gather 'round in summer sunshine
Barbequeing every day

If you turn around - put your head too far down
Or blink your eyes
Before you know
It's a quarter past July

Now thiw whole world keep spinning 'round
And not one of use could slow it all down
We can only live our time And cherish everything that's here and now

We enjoy the colors on the trees
'Til we're raking up the fallen leaves
Longer days will turn themselves to longer nights
We celebrate Thanksgiving Day
And the autumn glow soon gives way
To the colder days of winter
And it's happy new year one more time