1. The Table

From the recording The Table

Let's not take people close to us for granted. Tell them every now and then how pretty they are, how much they shine or even just that we realize how precious they are to us.

Mike "Mappee" Pritchard has his studio in his home basement and he's a night owl. So he liked to go downstairs and experiment after the recording session when he couldn't sleep, surprising me at a later time. I threw my arms around him after hearing his piano track on this tune which was one of those late night additions.


I am china on the table
With patterns everyone can read
Many friends come to the table
Happy are the guests I feed

You are glass upon the table
Glittering with bands of gold
Many friends come to the table
All can see the goodness you hold

We are fragile fine and precious
Brilliantly reflecting light
I am china you are glass
We set the table you and I

Many come and gather 'round us
From morning sun 'til evening fade
Friendship love and merrimaking
All those things the good life has made

The table can be round or square
In perfect shape or disrepair
But most important is the tableware
That can make our lives shine
And the ones we love can come to dine