1. This Town

From the recording This Town

This song is probably the best outcome of getting cut off in traffic that there ever was. After I was finished being aggrivated, I realized I don't really know how I would feel about living in a less busy or congested part of the country. Overall, I'm happy here in the northeast, but It's nice to know there are other options if I ever want to find out.

This is one of the best bass lines I've ever heard. It seeems to carry the song across that line between folk, country and what the urbanites are listening to these days.


This town has been standing so many years
Every dusty road is gonna lead you here
This town always has something new
It barks and bites more than it can chew

This town knows how to make life from dreams
But this town doesn't make any guarantees
Plenty of doors and streets to pound
You will sooner or later figure out this town

This town is the same both day and night
It never sleeps and it never gives up the fight
It's got a dream that can make the world go around

This town doesn't care what's in your bag
This town will salute if you fly your flag
This town's got scholars fools and kings
This town's got just about everything

This town's always gonna be in the news
In a tuxedo coat over faded blues
It's got a dream that can make the world go around

This down doesn't really know who I am
This town ain't nothing but a traffic jam
So I'm gonna leave this town behind
Gonna take my chances on what I find

This town could never ever take a stand
It's got a big big heart but cold cold hands
It's got a dream that can make the world go around

This town is only what it was supposed to be
It's a song and dance
But it ain't no Hokey Pokey
I'll come back it'll welcome me