1. Two Rivers

From the recording Two Rivers

We can see the importance of the world's rivers at so many times in history. They could easily mean the difference between survival and the perishing of civilizations. In awe of that significance and recalling how some rivers have touched my life even in smaller ways, this poetry came to me.

I love Mike Del Vecchio's guitar on this. He achieved a sound that reminds me of a clear flowing body of water.


The moon is shining proud through the scattering clouds
And the sky is a canvas of art
In the moonlight below are the rivers that flow
Past the distance that keeps them apart
They once traveled together but now farther away
They will end up together both feeding the bay

Life on earth began between two rivers so must yours and mine
Let the waters leave a legacy of love behind
We shall meet between the two rivers

At the dawn of the age in an empty place
Stood the ground that was plain end to end
Then two rivers gave shores so the land could bring forth
All the gifts her creator would send
Now our story is told a half a world away
Our two rivers will bring us together someday

As the river waters never remain
In our travels it is ever the same
And we must be moving on